Franjo Glavinic

Franjo Glavinic

Franjo Glavinic (1585 – 1652), Croatian Franciscan born in Istria, whose parents were noblemen exiled from Bosnian Kingdom (Glamoc), wrote several important books, among which we cite

  • L’origine della Provincia di Bosna Croatia (The Origine of the Province of Bosnia Croatia), two editions, Udine 1648 and 1691; the Province of Bosnian Croatia has been separated from the Province of Bosnia Argentum in 1514 by a decision which took place in the convent of Cetin in Upper Croatia;
  • Historia Tersattana, Udine 1648 (History of Trsat, reprinted in 1989),
  • Szvitlost duse verne (Light of Faithful Soul; in Croatian, first edition printed in Venice, second in Padova, and third again in Venice), in which he speaks about the human need for virtues here… and to please brothers and faithful, in particular the Croatian people (ugoditi… navlastito Hervackomu jeziku) and my Istrians…
  • Czvit szvetih (The Flower of the Sacred People; three editions in Venice), and Chetiri poszlidnya chlovika (The Last Four Men; Venice), both written in Croatian in the monastery of Sv. Leonard near Okic in the vicinity of Samobor.

He has discovered very old and important muniment from 1288 which mentions Stipan from old Dubrovnik, Bishop of Modrus, written in the Glagolitic Script. Here Old Dubrovnik is a town which existed in Middle Bosnia, north of Sarajevo, founded by merchants from the famous Dubrovnik. Old (Stari ) Dubrovnik had existed also after the fall of Bosnia under the Turks in 1463 (nahija Stari Dubrovnik).

See also Pavao Andjelic: Stara bosanska zupa Vidogosca ili Vogosca [PDF], Glasnik Zemaljskog muzeja BiH u Sarajevu, Arheologija, XXVI, 337-346.

The Evangel from the Franciscan Monastary from Olovo, published in Venice in 1586,
written in Croatian (HARVATSCHIM yazichom Stumachena = in Croatian language described).

Photo from Bernardin Matic: Gospa Olovska, drugo preuredjeno izdanje, Svjetlo rijeci, Sarajevo 1991.

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